Improves security, simplifies maintenance, reduces costs



Improves security, simplifies maintenance, reduces costs

What is Virtualisation?

The use of virtual resources such as servers, switches and storage, as opposed to physical devices.

In a traditional server environment there are several physical servers with different roles. With virtualisation these servers run on a single server as individual virtual machines. These virtual machines appear and behave just as physical servers would.

Save on IT Costs
One of the main reasons for moving to virtualisation is to reduce the amount of physical equipment needed, which brings down the costs of hardware, power and cooling.

Reliability and Flexibility
Virtualisation also provides high availability, and the deployment of new servers is much easier and quicker than in a traditional environment.

Services we provide

Two of the main virtualisation technologies are VMware and Hyper-V. The most popular is VMWare as they were one of the first companies to offer virtualisation and Hyper-V is the Microsoft equivalent.
We are experienced in managing and maintaining both products, with live environments using both VMware and Hyper-V.

Simple Transition to Virtualisation
If you are looking to move to virtualisation, our professional Transition as a Service (TaaS) team can make this a straightforward process.
We will assess your business needs and requirements and provide tailored options for streamlining your business. Once you have agreed on the plan, we will perform the transition for you from start to finish.

Simple, straightforward, hassle free.