Office 365

What is Office 365?

Microsoft’s online version of their Office Professional software suite. It combines Exchange (for email), SharePoint (for documentation storage) and Skype for Business (for instant messaging, video and telephone calls) all as an online service.

Flexibility, Accessibility and Reliability
Office 365 gives your staff flexibility and accessibility at all times by allowing simple collaboration from any location with an internet connection. Microsoft guarantee 99.9% uptime in their SLA, so the availability of your services is no longer a worry.

IT Cost Savings
Implementing Office 365 also brings huge savings on your organisation’s IT costs. Maintenance, hosting, powering and cooling of physical infrastructure is no longer required. There’s also a saving on the costs of software and licenses as you no longer need to pay the high costs associated with Microsoft Office products. Office 365 uses pay-as-you-go pricing per user, so you will only ever pay for the services you use.

It’s So Good, We Use It Ourselves
We’re speaking from experience when we talk about cost savings and ease of use. The benefits are so good we use Office 365 here at DWF 3Sixty.

Services we provide

Migration, Configuration and Management
Remove the hassle of configuration and migration by passing it to our experienced professionals. We will configure and manage your online portal and migrate all of your email and documentation into the Office 365 environment.

Full Support Service
If required, we can provide on-going support post migration. We can manage everything on your behalf from user/account management, investigating document or mail flow issues and restoring data from backup. As we have the technical expertise, if there is a need to contact Microsoft, we will liaise with them for you, so you don’t have to.