What is Networking?

Networking allows different computing devices to communicate with each other and share data. They can be connected using physical cables or wirelessly.

Main Networking Terms
Local Area Network (LAN): These are used in most homes and businesses to connect computers, printers and routers etc. Wireless devices can also be added to a local network, and this is referred to as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
Wide Area Network (WAN): These are networks that span a large geographical area connecting cities or countries.

 Services we provide

Our skilled technicians have a wealth of networking experience including the setup, management and configuration of:

Local Area Networks / Wireless (LAN / WLAN)
From businesses with a handful of devices to larger enterprises with hundreds of devices, we have experience in maintaining networks and ensuring they are fully functioning. We manage everything from liaising with the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get access to the internet, to IP address distribution (which allows devices to communicate) and configuring network shares allowing users to access data stored on the network.

Firewalls are used to protect networks from unauthorised access. They monitor traffic attempting to come in and out of the network and either block or allow that traffic based on a set of security rules. They can be installed as a physical piece of hardware or as software (for example a PC). Our experts will manage and maintain your firewall and ensure that your network is as secure as possible.

VPNs / Secure Remote Access
Many companies have a requirement for members of staff to access their office network from remote locations. The most common method for this is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN creates a secure “tunnel” into your office so that remote workers can access resources on the network as if they were physically in the office. Security is a huge factor when configuring a VPN and we can ensure that both the office side and the user side of the “tunnel” are secure, along with any data sent across the VPN.

Domain and DNS Hosting / Configuration
Almost all companies have a domain that they use for their website and email e.g. / Domains need to be configured so that when users browse to the website or send an email, they get to the correct place. This configuration is done using DNS (Domain Name Services). We manage all Domain / DNS configuration requirements you have from end to end, including the purchase and setup of brand new domains.

Networking Consultancy and Health Checks
We complete a detailed survey of your whole network which identifies any potential risks, speed issues or security flaws present. Upon completion we will provide a full report detailing what needs to be done to eradicate these risks. You can either take this report and implement the changes yourself, or we can assist you if you don’t have the in-house knowledge or resource.