Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

What is IaaS?

An infrastructure environment is hosted by a third party (e.g. DWF 360 ) and made available to you over a network. IaaS guarantees high availability, and resources can be scaled to meet your requirements without delay. You get the services and storage you need without having to own and maintain the physical equipment. Other benefits include:

  • Virtual resources can quickly be created and added to your environment
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Optimised security
  • Cost of managing hardware is removed
  • Only pay for what you actually use
  • Lower carbon footprint

Services we provide:

At DWF 360 we provide IaaS using our data centre partner, Redcentric. Once the IaaS platform is in place, we can either manage the services for you, or you can manage it yourself.

The benefits of Fully Managed Services with DWF 360 are that we would:

  • Monitor all servers running in the IaaS environment
  • Keep Operating Systems on all servers patched and up to date
  • Support and maintain all applications running on the servers
  • Implement a backup solution

In a Self Service environment, you are responsible for all of the above.