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Health and Safety in your Hands

Generally speaking, health & safety software providers fall into two categories:

1. Those with bags of industry expertise but no technical skills, which equal practical products that are difficult to use.

2. Those with technical expertise but no industry knowledge, which equal beautiful products with key components missing.


dwf evosafe bridges this gap by bringing both technical and industry expertise together to make easy to use products which are designed to help you to do your job better.

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Instant, Real Time Reporting

Powerful reporting can be either ad-hoc or scheduled, and even emailed to recipients on a timed delivery. Use templates or build reports based on any field and selection criteria – as long as the data is in the system, it can be reported on.


Submit new accident/incident notifications, view a specific incident stage, upload documentation as well as access and download detailed management information. Real time information is always available to those who need it, when they need it and in the format they need it.

Cloud Hosted or On-Premise

Accessibility from anywhere on any device via a secure cloud environment. Cloud hosted software offers rapid cost effective deployment with the ability to scale seamlessly. Painless FREE upgrades, limited impact on the IT team.

Training & Competence

Transparent view of your planned inspections to ensure proactive preparation. Risk assessment management ensures the latest risk and policy documents are adhered to and all related material / linked documents are always available with the latest version, tracked by our built in version control.

Accidents, Incident & Near Misses

Proactively manage your accidents, incidents & near misses by assessing risk. Identify trends and problem areas (root cause) for continuous improvement and compliance with RIDDOR and/or HSE regulations. Automated tasks save time with reminders and risk aggregation

Document Management

In-built document storage capabilities as standard or you have the option of using Microsoft SharePoint as your document store. Alternatively, our solution can integrate with your in-house document management solution.

Our cloud hosted Health & Safety management system has been designed with flexibility at its core to ensure that it can be configured to meet any organisations exact requirements, whilst providing best practice as standard, delivering immediate operational efficiencies.

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Audits & Inspections

Reduce administration by creating automated audit planning, scheduling & workflows. Conduct audits and inspections online or offline if web connectivity is poor. Identify non-conformances and allocate actions to mitigate risks and reinforce governance. Upload photos, written reports and even videos from any device to incident files.

Immediate Business Benefits and Return On Investment

Be up and running faster than traditional on-premise applications with no hardware to install or maintain – users simply log in and go. Besides shorter deployment times, when you need to scale, no need to wait on busy IT staff to set up new users, just send us a request and we do it for you right there and then.


Unify corporate and operational risk into one simple company-wide view of hazards, risks and risk assessments. This real-time holistic approach combined with Google™ heatmaps, enables you to spot trends and implement proactive or remedial actions faster. Templates provide consistent recoding of risks for comparison across sites

Defect Actions and Work Items

Proactively manage risks across your organisation or react rapidly to unforeseen incidents – including non-conformances / defects from audits or inspections. Issuance of instant, automated actions to employees or contractors to rectify.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Easily attach email correspondence to incident files and scan, store, reference and archive all inbound and outbound incident related communication and documentation.

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We make your move to dwf evosafe as easy as possible with a FREE trial. The latest in cloud-based Health & Safety management technology. If you like what you see, we’ll give you unlimited FREE storage and you’ll always have the very latest version of the software available to you…for FREE.

dwf evosafe Features get started today

Intuitive interface saves time in your day

  • Simple navigation and crisp, clean look and feel makes for speedier adoption, less training and intuitive processing – key information is never more than a few clicks away
  • Tracks and stores all incident related correspondence, including scanned post, emails, faxes, images
  • Integrated asset and driver databases with initial import load available
  • Emails can be easily attached to incident files with any attachments being separated and tagged for easier location -the system also scans, stores, references and archives all inbound and outbound incident related communication and documentation
  • Instant access to information via an advanced keyword search facility that searches across any field and document content for live and historic incidents
  • Microsoft Word document templates and email templates (created and modified by you) enable the instant creation of letters and emails which can be logged, time stamped and stored against an incident
  • Historical data and documents imported, saving time and removing the need for manual data entry
  • Links to scanners with email capability to attach documents directly to incident files
  • Documents (of any file type) can be uploaded, scanned and emailed directly to an incident file
  • Integrated postcode lookup facility and heatmap tracking of incident locations
  • Seamlessly integrated Google™ heatmaps showing incident location down to street level

Security and access – work how you want to

  • Multi-user, multi-level access rights ensure that users only access the information defined by their user role
  • Multiple browser access and accessible from any virtual desktop environment
  • Access dwf evosafe anywhere, anytime and on any device – as long as you can connect to the internet you can log on.

Collaboration and enhanced communication

  • Links to SMS providers for incident progression updates to 3rd parties, claimants and solicitors should it become an insurance claim
  • Secure web portal login to enhance collaboration between any parties involved in investigating or administrating an incident
  • Instant access to policy and incident details, tasks, incident synopsis, assets (property/contents/vehicle), documents and notes equal faster and lower cost resolution

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Team performance and management

  • Personalised dashboard traffic light task tracking using red, amber, green (RAG) status
  • Fully auditable processing capabilities with all changes recorded by the audit system and logged against date, time and user to provide monitoring for KPI and compliance purposes
  • Outstanding, overdue and coming close to overdue task alerts can also be emailed to those responsible for them
  • Built in best practice via a powerful workflow engine (fully configured to match your process) ensures consistency of approach, regulatory compliance and reduces labour intensive admin work
  • Line managers can be alerted via email of a handlers tasks that are overdue with the option to re-assign to another handler, thereby improving resource and team performance management
  • Measure productivity with dwf evosafe’s time recording capability to log and prompt timely action on an incident

Get organised Save time and money

  • Automatic alerts ensure that handlers are notified when new information or correspondence is inputted in to the system
  • In-built, easy to use and extremely powerful document management capability that enables users to quickly store, search, access and share policy and incident related documentation
  • Diary and task items can be assigned to one or more team member with due dates tracked and rules applied to govern escalation procedures when overdue thresholds are breached or when staff are absent
  • Integrate with a Document Management System (DMS) of your choice, such as Microsoft SharePoint, or other in-house DMS’s

Outstanding MI and reporting

  • Management Information Reporting delivered via Microsoft Business Intelligence through our report generator and dashboard tools – as long as the data is in the system, it can be reported on
  • Full ad-hoc report creation capability (Excel and PDF) and links with email so reports can be scheduled to run automatically and emailed to recipients on timed delivery

Integration and compatibility with existing systems Combine new and existing

  • Built upon the latest Microsoft .Net web and mobile based technology
  • Fully configurable and scalable to match any organisation’s exact requirements to a truly 100% fit
  • Flexible back office or 3rd party systems integration using industry standard proven methods
  • Hosted in the cloud for faster, lower cost deployment and on-going maintenance (can also be deployed on-premise)
  • Links with your own internet web forms for faster, more efficient first notification of loss logging


  • Proactively manage accidents and incidents pre-claim by using dwf evosafe to clearly assess potential liability exposure
  • Ensure that KPIs are being met such as speed of response & resolution to an incident and pre-emptively address any performance issues.
  • Monitor efficiencies by setting KPIs for both Employees & sub-contractors
  • Identify emerging trends and reduced repeat incidents via robust reporting facilities and heatmaps.

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